Making Disciples - CLE 2371

This 10-week course explores the process of spiritual development as well as methods of discipleship practice in the church. Students will examine the biblical backgrounds of discipleship and the role of spiritual disciplines, community, development of spiritual gifts, and accountability in spiritual growth.

June 3 - August 5,
Every Thursdays, 6-9pm

Online via Zoom;
In-Person at Waipahu Community Christian Church

Instructors:  Pastor Michael "Bong" Abagon and Pastor Alan Tamashiro

Starting June 7
Every Mondays, 6-9pm
Online via Zoom
Instructor:  Pastor Michael "Bong" Abagon 

OBI Student Fee applies
Auditor's Fee Applies (non-OBI students)
Scholarship may apply

A note to churches:  Sign up two or more of your leaders so they can eventually train your church from the things they learned.   

Textbook Requirement

Discipleship Uncomplicated
by Dr. Warren Haynes

Real-Life Discipleship,
Building Churches That Make Disciples

by Jim Putman

Expected Result: 

  • You would have identified & memorized bible verses that will help in making disciple
  • You would have made-disciple 
  • You would have a broad awareness of discipleship models and process

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